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Friendly hi from your moderator! - W&L LJ Community

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March 28th, 2005

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05:16 pm - Friendly hi from your moderator!
Hi! I'm happy to see that the community has become so active, particularly among the incoming Class of 2009! woo!

Anyway, I updated the userinfo a bit and also wanted to remind you that if you have any problems with the community or need to report any trouble, kjs and I are the moderators. Between the two of us we span the gamut of W&L, basically. :)

I gave my very last tour of campus today--I'm a campus tourguide and have been since I was a freshman. It was a really bittersweet experience, to realize that this part of my life is closing and that I'll soon be an alumna of W&L. Honestly, my four years here have been a total rollercoaster but I know that got the absolute best preparation for grad school that I possibly could have gotten. I'm confident that wherever I ultimately end up next year (arg... if only I could decide!) that I'll be able to handle the workload. I've also made some lifelong friends here. Some aspects of the school can be frustrating at times, yes, but overall--I love this place. :)

Anyway, welcome all! I'm glad you're here! When I started this community I was worried it would fizzle, but I'm glad it's taken off.

Now... back to my thesis!

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Date:March 29th, 2005 09:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks babe!

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